SP Extra: The Aitken Bible

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I don’t know why I do it but I can’t help getting sucked into a debate with a conservative. It’s simultaneously frustrating and fascinating. Frustrating because the conservative never waivers from their position or admits that they are wrong despite the overwhelming amount of evidence against their position and fascinating because they never waiver from their position despite the overwhelming… Read more »

Skeptical Politics: Preview

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In this preview episode, Phil and I give our reasons why skepticism is needed in politics and we also discuss the Pope and Progressives.

Episode 45 – The End as We Know It

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When atheist and theist get into arguments, the theist will eventually come out with this gem of a counter-argument “well, you can’t disprove God!” The typical atheist response is “you can’t prove a negative” or “you’re making the positive claim, so you have to provide the evidence for your god.” These are all well and good responses but what if… Read more »

Episode 44 – Dem Dino Bones

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What I like most about doing this podcast is the opportunity or excuse to look into a new topics. I’ve received several comments saying that they appreciate the fact that I try to provide a balanced look at both sides of a topic. This doesn’t come easy and I have to actively look for counter arguments and put myself in… Read more »

Episode 43 – Evolution is a Mystery

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Evolution, it’s a hot button topic even when it shouldn’t be. Creationist fear it because it undermines their faith and belief in their Bible and thus their god. Secularist barely understand it and take it for granted as scientific fact. Evolution is a fascinating and complicated topic and from what I have read and study, I can empathize with creationist… Read more »

Episode 42 – Empty Tomb – Part 2

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In this episode, I will continue examining William Lane Craig’s arguments for the empty tomb. In episode 41, I showed you how Craig’s first two arguments fall short when trying to explain the empty tomb using the Markan account. I also showed you that there is a perfectly good naturalistic explanation for the empty tomb, assuming a historical Jesus of… Read more »

Episode 41 – Empty Tomb – Part 1

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I always enjoy a good debate between Christians and Atheist. After awhile though, I keep hearing the same arguments from Christians and it gets kind of old.  So over the course of the next few episodes, I’m going to take a look at one of the fundamental arguments in the Christian apologist arsenal. The empty tomb of Jesus.  If you… Read more »

Episode 40 – Science and Genesis – Part 2

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In the last episode I showed you how the first and second verses in Genesis are not only scientifically inaccurate but that they are so far removed from modern scientific thinking that anyone defending this position either does so out of ignorance or clever rationalization. I demonstrated that when interpreting Genesis within it’s proper historical context and within it’s original… Read more »