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Bonus: Changing Your Mind About God

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I ask three atheist (including myself) and two theist what it would take to change their mind about God? I want to thank the wonderful individuals that were gracious enough with their time to send me audio clips.

Episode 38 – Evolution of Religion

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The evolution of religion is a fascinating topic. From an atheistic perspective, we ask the question of how! How, through the process of natural selection, did religious belief arise? and we ask the question why! Why did religious belief arise? To most theist, these two questions may not be as important. They see the propensity of a god belief to… Read more »

Bonus: Ray Z vs. C-Webb

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I do a rap debate with Ray Z aka Ray Comfort with Adam Reakes and Rah from twitter

Episode 37 – When Skeptics Ask: A Review

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Christians think they have a special revealed truth sent to them from their god.  Atheist think they have an understanding of truth by using reason, science and skepticism.  However, Christians have some tough questions to answer from atheist when it comes to their god and the bible.  In this episode, I will examine some of those responses from christians to… Read more »

Bonus: Audio Rorschach

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I set down with Phil from The Week in Doubt Podcast to discuss the paranormal and right-wing Christians.  Then Tanner from the No God Cast Podcast and Secular Programming joins us to talk about the big news of Secular FM and whether or not faith is a virtue.

Episode 36 – The Future, Faith and Folly

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It’s important we take control of the definition of faith because when the believer uses faith, they use it the same way we would use hope or trust.  This is not what faith it, faith is a knowledge claims.  During discussions, words like evidence, logic and reason are thrown around without regard to the context of these facts.  For most… Read more »

Episode 35 – Hitler, Stalin and Mao! Oh My!

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If you troll around the internet long enough you’ll run across an argument similar to this one:  Hitler, Mao and Stalin were atheist and committed some of the most heinous acts against humanity, therefore atheism leads to mass murder and genocide. Theist frequently uses this argument when confronting atheist but is this really a valid argument?  Are atheist doing themselves… Read more »

Episode 34 – Child Sacrifice

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To many Christians and Jews, the Bible is the unquestioned authority on morality.  Often times you’ll hear believers say that the Bible is a book of morals but they never take the time to actually read it and when you point out the atrocities contained within, they look at you as if you’re the crazy one and say “Well, I… Read more »