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Bonus – Divine Command Theory, Baptism and Undercover Atheism

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Sorry I don’t have a regular episode, it’s been a crazy couple of months around my house.  This is a bonus episode of a conversation I had with my friend Wade about divine command theory, baptizing my kids and going to church as an atheist.  I’ll be back soon with another episode of C-Webb’s Sunday School!

Episode 27 – Does God Exist? – Part 1

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In this episode I’m going to look at some of the arguments for the existence of God.  I’m going to present four classical arguments and then I will show you why and how these arguments fail.  For this episode, I will be using the book Irreligion by John Allen Paulos as source material for the counter arguments.  This will not… Read more »

Bonus – Dumbass Media Throwdown

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Dumbass, Mike Bohler and myself sit down and talk about rape, rise of the Atheist, conspiracy’s and podcasting A Skeptics Guide to Conspiracy Dumbass Media Empire  

Episode 25 – Creation Myths

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Ancient people didn’t have the advantage of the scientific method to understand their world.  They relied on observations, magically thinking and imagination.  Creation myths are very common and most cultures have their own version with some common themes.  In this episode, we are going to look at a handful of creation myths that could be taught in schools as counters… Read more »