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Ep. 36 – The Future, Faith and Folly

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Welcome dear listeners to C-Webb Sunday School.  Before I get into the meat of this episode, I want to get some announcements out of the way.  First, big news from Secular Programming, the first issue of the Secularite Magazine has been release in digital format.  Right now it’s only available on Apple Newsstand but more platforms are coming soon.  It’s… Read more »

Ep. 35 – Hitler, Stalin and Mao! Oh My!

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If you troll around the internet long enough you’ll run across an argument similar to this one:  Hitler, Mao and Stalin were atheist and committed some of the most heinous acts against humanity, therefore atheism leads to mass murder and genocide. Theist frequently uses this argument when confronting atheist but is this really a valid argument?  Are atheist doing themselves… Read more »

Ep 34 – Child Sacrifice

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To many Christians and Jews, the Bible is the unquestioned authority on morality.  Often times you’ll hear believers say that the Bible is a book of morals but they never take the time to actually read it and when you point out the atrocities contained within, they look at you as if you’re the crazy one and say “Well, I… Read more »

Ep 33 – Apocalypse Now or Later

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If there was a historical Jesus, we should be able to place him within the proper historical context and from that point, determine what his message was and how it was interrupted by his followers.  I will demonstrate through the use of the New Testament, that Jesus was an apocalyptic preacher but not only that, he was also a failed… Read more »

Ep 32 – Gnosticism

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So soon after the alleged crucifixion of Jesus, one would think that the Christian movement would be unified.  However, what we see with early Christianity is that there were competing theologies.  This pretty much destroys the notion that early Christians were on the same page when it came to the teachings of Jesus.  If, so soon after the crucifixion, we… Read more »

Ep 31 – Is God a Moral Monster?

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In episode 30, I went through some of my arguments against objective morality.  I want to continue on this trip into the realm of morals because it’s such an important topic.  The argument I presented was that objective morality does not exist in the form of morals without context.  My reasoning behind this was based on the theory of evolution… Read more »

Ep 30 – On Morals

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The other day I was on the Faith and Skepticism podcast to discuss morality.  If you haven’t listened yet, head over to and checkout episode 31.  The two host, Jason the Christian and Nathan the Atheist invited me on to discuss this topic with another Christian Matthew from Scotland.  I want to thank Nathan and Jason for putting on… Read more »

Contest: Name that Creation Myth

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I had originally intended for episode 30 to be part two of I Apologize but after looking at the teleological argument and the argument from personal experience, I was satisfied with its conclusions and I have taken William Lane Craig up on his offer and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior…nah, not really.  I actually covered these… Read more »

Ep 29 – I Apologize

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Are Christian Apologist delusional?  Are they lying to themselves?  Do they actually believe what they are saying?  Should we respect apologetics as an academic discipline?  In this episode, I take a look at this topic and respond to a few claims often made by apologist for the existence of God.  This is C-Webb’s Sunday School!

Ep 28 – Does God Exist? Part 2

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Intro: In episode 27, I went over four classical arguments for the existence of God and their refutations from the book Irreligion by John Allen Paulos.  In this episode I am going to look at four subjective arguments for the existence of God and their refutations along with my own interpretation and explanations.  I feel it is important for religious… Read more »