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Ep 27 – Does God Exist? Part 1

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In this episode I’m going to look at some of the arguments for the existence of God.  I’m going to present four classical arguments and then I will show you why and how these arguments fail.  For this episode, I will be using the book Irreligion by John Allen Paulos as source material for the counter arguments.  This will not… Read more »

Ep 26 – The Book of Mormon

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In this episode, I am going to take you through the Book of Mormon and examine its claims and contents.  I will use history, archeology, genetics and criticism to lay bare the truth about the Book of Mormon and its divine inspiration.  This is C-Webb’s Sunday School.

Ep 25 – Creation Myths

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Ancient people didn’t have the advantage of the scientific method to understand their world.  They relied on observations, magically thinking and imagination.  Creation myths are very common and most cultures have their own version with some common themes.  In this episode, we are going to look at a handful of creation myths that could be taught in schools as counters… Read more »

Ep 24 – The Atheist Label Roundtable

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Intro: This is a special Christmas 2012 edition of C-Webb’s Sunday School.  I have asked several of my good internet friends to answer a specific question, record their responses and send me the audio so I can compile this podcast.  The topic of discussion is: “Should atheist openly use the atheist label?”  I have received responses from Dumbass of,… Read more »

Ep 23 – Of God and Guns

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Greeting listeners, this is a special C-Webb’s Sunday School.  I still plan on releasing my roundtable discussion but given the current climate in this country surrounding recent events, I had to comment.  My deepest sympathies go out to the families of those that lost loved ones in the Connecticut.  As a father of two young daughters, 4 years and 18… Read more »

Ep 21 – Confirmation Bias

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As an atheist who openly criticizes religion I often get this question “Why do you care some much about something you don’t believe in?  Seems like you are trying hard not to believe.”  My good friend Phil over The Week in Doubt has spoken on this topic several times and he put it like this: “The study of religion does… Read more »

Ep 20 – Ten Commandments Revisited

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In this episode I am going to revisit my very first episode and take a closer look at the Ten Commandments.  I have been told that I have made some mistakes in episode one but not what specifics mistakes so it is up to me to scrutinize my own work.

Ep 19 – Ten Strange Religious Beliefs and Practices

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Introduction: Welcome to C-Webb’s Sunday School where every episode I look at various religious claims by using critical thinking and scientific evidence.  A video is going around the interwebs that shows a glimpse into the Mormon Temple ceremony.  I watched it and it gave me chills, it was a little creepy, I’m not going to lie and to think that… Read more »

Ep 15 – The Book of Job

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Introduction It’s time to get back to the Bible with an in-depth look at the Book of Job.  Found in the Old Testament and written as a didactic poem, the Book a Job tells the story of…you guessed it…Job and his trails at the hands of Satan, his discussion with friends on the origin and nature of suffering, his challenge… Read more »

Ep 14 – Scientist Who Believe in God

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I know I may be repeating myself but I feel I must in order to make sure I am clear on the intent of this podcast.  I do not set out to offend anyone (on purpose anyway) but to challenge ideas and to challenge beliefs.  I am fascinated with the Bible and the idea of a god or gods or… Read more »