Contest: Name that Creation Myth

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I had originally intended for episode 30 to be part two of I Apologize but after looking at the teleological argument and the argument from personal experience, I was satisfied with its conclusions and I have taken William Lane Craig up on his offer and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior…nah, not really.  I actually covered these two topics in episodes 27 and 28 and I was satisfied with my analysis that I didn’t feel I needed to repeat myself with another episode covering these two weak arguments.

This episode is the first of many contest episodes I’ll be doing. I’m going to present a creation myth and I want to see if you can guess which religion it belongs to.  In episode 25 I covered five creation myths from around the world and compared them to the Genesis account.  With this creation myth, I’m going to present the story and I want you dear listeners to guess who and where it came from.  You can leave your answer on the website, the Facebook page, Google+, Twitter or email.  For everyone that guesses correctly, I will add your name to my virtual hat and draw one random winner.  The person whose name I draw will receive a book from my personal library and the winner will be revealed during the next episode.  In that episode, I’ll share with you the answer and analysis of this creation myth.

I want to make this somewhat challenging so I will change names when necessary but the overall plot will remain the same.  So let’s jump right into it with Name That Creation Myth:


There exist a perfect spiritual realm.  This realm has always existed and cannot cease to exist.  This perfect spiritual realm is also referred to as a perfect being or prefect principle or perfect good.  All things spring forth from this perfect spiritual realm, which is at the center of all creation.  This perfect being has thoughts which allows emanations to spring forth for it.  All things emanate from this perfect spiritual realm and with them, they carry a spark of this perfection.  As these emanations get further and further away from this perfect being, they have less and less of this perfect good and have more and more defects.  Because of these defects, there was a faulty emanation that resulted in the creation of our universe.  One of these emanations gave birth to a bastard emanation that did not know of the perfect being.  Because of this lack of knowledge, this bastard emanation thought it was the one true god and it began to create.  This bastard emanation created earth and humans and required complete devotion and obedience from its creation.  It operated in complete ignorance of this perfect being.

The creation of the bastard emanation rippled back to the one perfect being.  The one perfect being felt a disturbance in the force and had to rectify the situation.  The one perfect being looked upon the bastard emanation’s creation and saw sparks of perfectness within humans.  You see, even though the bastard emanation was ignorant of this one perfect being, it still possessed some of the spark of the perfect being and it passed this spark to its creation, humans.

Because of this perfect spiritual realm, all things material cannot exist.  All spiritual things belong within the perfect spiritual realm so it is the desire of all things, both spiritual and material, to return to this perfect spiritual realm.  Because of this bastard emanation not knowing of the perfect being and declaring itself the one true god, the perfect being had to fix what this bastard emanation created.  The perfect being devised a plan to have one of his other emanations visit this bastard’s creation and share the knowledge of the perfect being and spiritual realm with humans so the sparks of the perfect being that lived within them could once again ascend back to the perfect being.  This emanation shared the knowledge of this perfect being and the knowledge of the bastard emanation and through this, upon death, the sparks can return to the perfect spiritual realm.


I think I gave you enough clues to figure this out.  If you know the answer, please submit it via the comment section for this episode or via my Twitter handle at cwebb619, on the Google+ post for this episode, on the Facebook page or via email.  You can find alll my contact info is at C-Webb’s Sunday School dot com.  In episode 30, I will announce the winner and explain in detail this creation myth and its meaning.  As for the prize, I have several hard copy books that I now own digital copies of so I can start thinning out my library.  I think for this contest, the winner will receive a copy of Bart Erhman’s God’s Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question – Why We Suffer.  Good luck to everyone and I look forward to your answers.  This has been C-Webb’s Sunday School!