Episode 39 – Science and Genesis – Part 1

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Creationist have an enormous uphill battle in trying to get their version of origins accepted by the scientific community. For starters, I have yet to see a single creationist put forth a prediction that could prove creationism. All I see is piggy backing on the work of real scientist, cherry picking data and misinterpreting the findings. And that is just the science part of creationism but what I find most interesting is the theological and scriptural aspect of creationism. If you listen to any creationism debate, the one thing you hear over and over again is that the Bible and specifically Genesis is scientifically accurate. What the Bible tells us is what science has undercovered over the course of human history. But, what if the scripture tells a different story? A story that directly contradicts scientific discovery? This is what we’re going to explore in this episode of C-Webb’s Sunday School!