Episode 40 – Science and Genesis – Part 2

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In the last episode I showed you how the first and second verses in Genesis are not only scientifically inaccurate but that they are so far removed from modern scientific thinking that anyone defending this position either does so out of ignorance or clever rationalization. I demonstrated that when interpreting Genesis within it’s proper historical context and within it’s original language, we get a pre-existing earth covered in water and God miraculously pulling forth dry land. This did two things. One, it showed God did not create something out of nothing and two, that this idea is patently absurd when it comes to modern scientific understanding. In this episode I will look at the second patently absurd notion contained within Genesis and prove once again the Genesis is not a scientifically accurate description of the origins of our world and that is the idea of a solid firmament surrounding earth. This is C-Webb’s Sunday School!