Episode 45 – The End as We Know It

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When atheist and theist get into arguments, the theist will eventually come out with this gem of a counter-argument “well, you can’t disprove God!” The typical atheist response is “you can’t prove a negative” or “you’re making the positive claim, so you have to provide the evidence for your god.” These are all well and good responses but what if we can disprove God, I mean definitely say, there is no God and no god could possibly exist? Is it presumptuous for the atheist to say this, will atheist be falling for the same dogmatic assertions we claim theist do? I’m here to tell you that you can disprove God’s or any supernatural deity’s existence and in this episode I will take you through the steps and arguments, as well as the proofs so when you come in contact with a theist, you can lay the truth on them and send them to their pastor’s crying about how their faith has been destroyed. This is C-Webb’s Sunday School!