Ep 11 – The Qur’an and Science

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To my astute listeners, I know I mentioned at the end of episode 10 that I would look at the doctrine of original sin but here at atheistsocialworker.org, we are equal opportunity skeptics so today we are going to take a break from the Bible and travel about 600 years into the future to take a look at another holy… Read more »

Ep 10 – Adam and Eve

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Today, we will continue our trip through the Old Testament.  Up next on our itinerary is the story of Adam and Eve.  A familiar story to most but if you are a child, you are probably ignorant of this tall tale.  Theologically, Adam and Eve play a pivotal role in the story of salvation.  In most Christian circles, original sin… Read more »

Ep 9 – Creation

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The bible is very specific about the details on how our universe and planet was formed.  You may be asking yourself, yeah, so what?  The bible is just a bunch of fairy tales. This may be true but believe it or not, there are people that actually believe the bible is the errant word of God and the creation story… Read more »

Ep 7 & Ep 8 – C-Webb’s Story

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Part One: First off, I want to thank everyone who has downloaded and listened to the podcast so far, I really appreciate it.  I have done six episodes and I think I am getting better with each new one but I still have some room for improvement.  It is kind of weird talking to yourself and then listening to yourself… Read more »