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Episode 42 – Empty Tomb – Part 2

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In this episode, I will continue examining William Lane Craig’s arguments for the empty tomb. In episode 41, I showed you how Craig’s first two arguments fall short when trying to explain the empty tomb using the Markan account. I also showed you that there is a perfectly good naturalistic explanation for the empty tomb, assuming a historical Jesus of… Read more »

Episode 41 – Empty Tomb – Part 1

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I always enjoy a good debate between Christians and Atheist. After awhile though, I keep hearing the same arguments from Christians and it gets kind of old.  So over the course of the next few episodes, I’m going to take a look at one of the fundamental arguments in the Christian apologist arsenal. The empty tomb of Jesus.  If you… Read more »

Bonus: Changing Your Mind About God

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I ask three atheist (including myself) and two theist what it would take to change their mind about God? I want to thank the wonderful individuals that were gracious enough with their time to send me audio clips.

Episode 37 – When Skeptics Ask: A Review

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Christians think they have a special revealed truth sent to them from their god.  Atheist think they have an understanding of truth by using reason, science and skepticism.  However, Christians have some tough questions to answer from atheist when it comes to their god and the bible.  In this episode, I will examine some of those responses from christians to… Read more »

Episode 32 – Gnosticism

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You can’t study early Christianity without studying Gnosticism.  Given how we use the term today, one would think that there was a unifying sect of Gnostics amongst the early Christians.  However, this is not the case.  Gnosticism is a modern construction by scholars.  There was not a group of early Christians calling themselves Gnostics.  This is C-Webb’s Sunday School!

Bonus – Three Atheist Walk into a Podcast

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I sit down virtually with Phil Albertelli from The Week In Doubt podcast and Nathan Reese from the Faith and Skepticism podcast.  We talked about Christian apologetics, morality and milkshakes (they do indeed bring all the boys to the yard)

Episode 30 – On Morals

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The other day I was on the Faith and Skepticism podcast to discuss morality.  If you haven’t listened yet, head over to faithandskepticism.com and checkout episode 31.  The specific topic was: Can objective morality exist without God?  After the conversation was over and I had time to think back on my position, I feel like I have to clarify and expand… Read more »