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Episode 46 – The Aitken Bible

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I don’t know why I do it but I can’t help getting sucked into a debate with a conservative. It’s simultaneously frustrating and fascinating. Frustrating because the conservative never waivers from their position or admits that they are wrong despite the overwhelming amount of evidence against their position and fascinating because they never waiver from their position despite the overwhelming… Read more »

Bonus: Changing Your Mind About God

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I ask three atheist (including myself) and two theist what it would take to change their mind about God? I want to thank the wonderful individuals that were gracious enough with their time to send me audio clips.

Episode 37 – When Skeptics Ask: A Review

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Christians think they have a special revealed truth sent to them from their god.  Atheist think they have an understanding of truth by using reason, science and skepticism.  However, Christians have some tough questions to answer from atheist when it comes to their god and the bible.  In this episode, I will examine some of those responses from christians to… Read more »

Episode 35 – Hitler, Stalin and Mao! Oh My!

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If you troll around the internet long enough you’ll run across an argument similar to this one:  Hitler, Mao and Stalin were atheist and committed some of the most heinous acts against humanity, therefore atheism leads to mass murder and genocide. Theist frequently uses this argument when confronting atheist but is this really a valid argument?  Are atheist doing themselves… Read more »

Episode 29 – I Apologize

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Are Christian Apologist delusional?  Are they lying to themselves?  Do they actually believe what they are saying?  Should we respect apologetics as an academic discipline?  In this episode, I take a look at this topic and respond to a few claims often made by apologist for the existence of God.  This is C-Webb’s Sunday School!

Episode 18 – Site Update and News Brief

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I have been traveling for work and family a lot over the past few weeks so I was not able to get a fully researched show written up.  I grabbed a couple videos and news stories to riff on this week plus some site updates.  I will be back to my regular format for episode 19.

Episode 17 – Free Speech Roundtable

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Welcome to another exciting episode of C-Webb’s Sunday School.  You may have noticed that this episode is a little longer than the others but don’t worry, it’s not me talking for over forty minutes.  I wanted to discuss the topic of free speech and religious criticism so I invited a few of my fellow non-believing podcasting brethren to take part in… Read more »